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Any other 2014 brides here getting an early start?

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Originally Posted by phillips1221 View Post


I'm new to the blog I'm getting married June 2014 at the Valentin Riveria Maya hoping to learn things from all of you!

Welcome and congrats!

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Does anyone have a Groomzilla? smile120.gif


I do!!!! hahahahaha.... His excuse he wants it to be perfect which I appreciate but he wants..he wants...he wants 

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Originally Posted by DeeP10 View Post


My FI will be home soon, I gotta put this down and look like I e been productive today . On that note ... Although Jalimel sent lovely save the date boarding passes to me so I can use the template , I think I'm gonna do shutterfly std. There are some for as little as 33 cents and they have coupons. I'm just not ready for printing and cutting . Lol.


Originally Posted by shugapop1 View Post


I used shutterfly and mine came out beautifully


Oh cool, I didn't know Shutterfly does this too. I read a lot of people have used vistaprint for certain stationary items. I'm not sure if I'm up to cutting either, especially the luggage tags StDs I want to do

Originally Posted by RaynDrop View Post


I actually hadn't thought about a TA and was just planning on having everyone book through sandals themselves (including us)  Then I was introduced to one and thought it wouldn't hurt. 


She can't get me deals as far as paying less for rooms - but it sounds like she can get some other perks - there seems to be inside info that a TA knows that we might not otherwise know.  


I will give my guest the option of booking through her (and they will) or though the resort if they want... but one thing I defiantly like about having a TA is that they can direct their questions to her.  


Everyone for the most part has said they will be staying longer then the 3 night minimum - I think most will just stay at the resort.. but my one set of friends has said that they plan to stay at the resort for only the 3 nights then they would like to stay somewhere "off the beaten path" and get to see a different side of the island... so I know the TA will be able to help them with all that also.


I did talk to her a little bit about doing a group excursion and she said ones I decide let her know -- she may be able to get some deals for me.


I think having one isn't a bad idea!!

That's good to give them the choice of using them or not. Half our guests are pretty well traveled and can do it on their own and the other half have used TAs for prior trips.

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Ok ladies. I'm heading out. Might stop at a Dollar store or two out there. What color tumblers are u guys looking for? I might have to download this site to my phone. Probably not a good idea :D

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Originally Posted by RaynDrop View Post


Yeah... I think it is weird... so I got a reply about what the sandals package includes....


4 hours - up to 200 images for $200


His "normal" package list has 


4 hours - unlimited images for $1475



$1475 for just images in 4 hours?? I don't think that is a lot of time if you want to do "getting ready" shots, ceremony and a reception. No prints or online gallery for ordering? 


All these photography packages are so confusing and vary from person to person



Originally Posted by RaynDrop View Post



Just make sure you stay in the loop!!  Are you close to setting a date and resort?  

Yup, we're thinking Secrets St. James in May 2014. I asked for availability for several dates in May since our first choice already had the late sunset time booked. I'm hoping to be the only wedding the day we choose. (I didn't realized they did multiple weddings a day until we finally narrowed it to Secrets) 


I was in Jamaica this past May and the weather was gorgeous and not that crowded - the people there said it's kind of their low season in between Spring break/Easter and summer when more people take their vacation



Originally Posted by RaynDrop View Post








There are lots of thrifty ways to do things....  would it help if you price some DYI projects out and then you can show him a comparison....  


Make a list  (if you haven't noticed.. I'm a list person haha)   of everything you would LIKE to have.... then move things from that list to a list of things you MUST have.


I am sure there are things on your like list that you can live with out.. and there are ways to make things on your must list doable!!


I'm hoping to DIY all the paper stuff (StD, invites, programs, menu, OOT bags) and a simple centerpeice(s) We're only having 20-24 so I only have to do 2.


I'm not a fan of chairs with white covers (which are included) but if I just want plain white folding chairs, they are + $7/person! That's my bigges peeve, WHY  do I have to upgrade chairs!!?? I keep telling my sisters "y'all are standing!!!" lol




Originally Posted by RaynDrop View Post


I only feel bad I can't give them a quote.. I don't feel bad I am doing a DW HAHA   I'm a planner.. I like to know whats what..so I just hate that we have to wait to figure out airfare.  


I will say I was surprised everyone was so excited to come --- almost everyone thanked me for "making" them take an amazing vacation!    


Well everyone except my sisters... but we wont go there stupid.gif


We're inviting only immediate family members and 6 close friends each. Everyone of course initially said "yes, we're there" but I think once they see how much the resort is, some may back out. Not that I need to justify Secrets, but all the rooms are oceanview suites plus the food and alcohol included ... I think the people who haven't done a lot of traveling will be more on the fence ..

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Originally Posted by RaynDrop View Post



Well that sucks you have more stuff to bring ... but that is a wonderful price for all that stuff - nice find!!


Michael's and AC Moore have frame sales all the time for 40-50% off.. 


Good to know about frames sale ... for another centerpiece idea, I was thinking of having those multi-pictures frames with pics of me/my FI and the friends and family we're inviting ...



Originally Posted by DeeP10 View Post


Photo Card
View the entire collection of cards.





Originally Posted by DeeP10 View Post


Thanks! Whats cool is that the picture in the background we did take in Punta Cana In Feb. on vacay. We weren't even engaged. Now it served a purpose.

That's so cool and a  great way to tie your relationship all together

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