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dinner options??

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Can anyone help me to understand more of the dinner and cocktail options? I read that you can eat in some of the restaurants.. so you get to pick ONE option and everyone eats....is that for no extra charge???


and then If you buy one of the 6,7,8 hundred dollar packages for dinner ....everyone gets ONE option. How am i supposed to expect 45 people to eat the same thing? Are there buffett options as well that are included? 


Do the cocktails come with the dinner package? is it like a private bar set up? Is the beach reception close enough to one of the bars so you can just walk there to get a drink instead of paying an arm and a leg for a private bar?


I'm so confused and I have my wedding coordinator calling me today at 3 and I'm scared that nothing will get accomplished.


Anyone who knows anything more about the dinner/drinks options thats not already on the website please help me!



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I hope you got all of your  questions answered. I think your answers depend on which resort you are working with.


When in doubt, document your questions and have them respond back in writing. This will ensure you have what they told you and can refer back to it. I have heard a reoccurring theme of keeping your documentation in the event things come up.


Good luck!

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