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Hi Ladies,


I was hoping to get some guidance With the wedding planning. Pretty much my fiancée and I (along with our wedding planner in the Bahamas) are putting the wedding together. I donâ€t know where to start from our end. I get Married in May 18, 2013 somehow I feel like I have so much time to do things that I havenâ€t been really on my wedding and I donâ€t want to wait last minute.


We have our wedding invites picked out (we havenâ€t order them yet) we have the location picked out (wyndham Nassau resort & crystal palace casino) my dress shopping starts next week. .. Can someone give me some guidance or advice?


Any ideas as to where I can get some cute beach wedding favors?


I need all the help I can get


Thanks Girls



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Hey JoeJoe!


Welcome to BDW and congrats on your engagement. You've definitely come to the right spot to get support and inspiration. A few months back we started a May 2013 thread which you may find helpful.  It's been a great place for us to get together with a few of the ladies who are on the same planning schedule and track progress and share the excitement of reaching milestones.  You are also among 9 other ladies who share the May 18th wedding date, myself included.




To answer one of your specific questions, Many ladies choose to put together OOT Bags (Out of Town) for their guest and these act as the wedding favor(s). If you do a search you will see what some of the typical items include. 


Hope to see more of you on BDW... Happy Planning!

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