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Thank you!!!! You are so sweet. 


Amanda of Little Bean Shop on etsy did the design. She's a good friend of mine, and has done all of my wedding designs. In general, no, she isn't expensive at all - she does my holiday cards every year and they are a steal. Check out some of her designs in her shop - she can take an idea and customize it for you too. She's very creative! 


It took some time to put them together. I'd do an hour or two here and there after work for a week or so, and then most of a Saturday to finish it off. I did it assembly line style so I could do a step at a time - that made it easier to pick up and put down as I needed. 


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These are gorgeous! Was the graphic designer expensive? I feel like I am like you, semi-DIY, and definitely know the designing piece is something I cannot do. 


How long did it take to all put together?


Fabulous job! You are truly an inspiration to us future brides who have yet to complete invitations! : )


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thank you!!! and yes - I'm excited about our food lol I realized after the fact I should have just put "beef" or "pork" and then saved the details as a nice surprise. Ah well...hindsight is 20/20!

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wow these are awesome!!! such a great job and man  your menu sounds delish!!!!


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