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Huppa, Gazebo, Palapa, Arch?? What to do for ceremony?

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Week in and week out I see ceremonies on the beach or grass overlooking the beach in Martoca Beach Garden and though most have much in common I find that a few details can make all the difference. If you have a nice budget the decorations will be plentiful and expensive flowers may be ordered and arranged and it will look amazing most of the time. Although I have seen some decorators with a great budget ruin a ceremony gazebo or just go through the motions that the decorations fall flat. In my opinion it is not the budget that makes the ceremony gazebodecoration special necessarily, although it sure helps, it is more than this. It is the attention to detail, the color combinations and originality displayed by the designer in conjuction with the bride as their ideas are the ones that will ultimately create a stunning arrangement that will be unique and memorable for the couple and guests to enjoy upon sunset time
Mishka, a great designer and friend of mine, whose decorations and ingeniuty I love and respect, will work tirelessly to understand first and foremost the bride´s concept of her wedding and works off of their inspiration board where she will ask the bride to tell her what colors, ideas, pictures she has seen, themes, or anything she may want to use in her wedding decorations. Since the gazebo is always a key and one of the highlights of every wedding she splurges with creativity over this feature. 
Many decorations are expensive yet some as we previously mentioned are based on creativity, labor intensive art and natural sources and this will be what we focus on on this article since most bride´s work on a budget we try to stretch it as much as possible without losing the classy look. 
Flowers, seeds, fruits, driftwood and much more materials are all available around the area. Wonderful flowers are in season and free for the picking in the tropics such as Buganvileas as well as Oblelisk, Copa de Oro and Jazmín and a few others which are all fantastic for decorating. A few accents of special flowers will lift the ceremony gazebo to new hights yet, the base could be absolutely from native flowers and bushes. 
Tonalá is a wonderful place to find all the handicrafts and original art you can think of and it is only 4 hours away. We have many decorations made there and share them with our brides. We are blessed to have inexpensive labor which makes art here in Mexico a great bargain. labor intensive art produces unique and fantastic decorations and ceremony gazebos.

When selecting a ceremony gazebo you have to first decide if you want any gazebo at all! Some couple just get married on the sand without a table or anything at all since the ceremonies are usually symbolic. If the marriage will be held here legally the bride has some religious or family traditions to tend to then  a ceremony area and sometimes a Chupah is a must. This can be as simple as an arch as below or a more complex gazebo or kiosk as seen above that can be set up on the beach or grass as decided by the couple.
There are many different sizes and designs of the structure as an arch, gazebo, 4 pilars, rectangular, square, circular, natural palapa, ans so on, however once you have the structure as a base then decoration begins; although sometimes it is the feature in itself and not needed to be decorated. This depends on te structure and of course, you guessed it, the budget.
The two main parts of decoration are flowers and materials. The variety is such that we cannot go into this in one session but it could vary from any type of flower and any type of cloth or material like silk, satin, cotton, gause... Here in Puerto Vallarta I have seen Sarapes which are colorful and typical of the area for decorations. It truly is up to the bride and her style as to what to go with as long as it is consistent with the theme throughout the reception.
Well, I hope this gives you ideas señoritas and you can start planning your ceremony with creative juices flowing wherever it is that you decide to tie the knot. We at Martoca Weddings will wish you the best and good travels.

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I'm planning to get married in Riviera Maya, but this post definitely gave me some food for thought!  I definitely will be taking the time to work with my planner to create a gorgeous chuppah for my ceremony!

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It is a key part of your wedding for sure! Make it fun but meaningful at the same time :) Find a balance. DO not disrespect the vows by being too casual but you do not have to be so serious that it is boring and solemn :)

Good luck amigos!

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Hi Blue Petal :)

Muchas gracias for your post. We are here in Vallarta (West Coast Canadian Territory haha) so if you have clients who need a great independent Garden on the beach for their private vows we can help. We work with hotels all the time so that is fine as well.

Thank you and take care!



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