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Nassau, Bahamas Wedding Review

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I had my wedding in Nassau recently... quick review for you guys.  I had 70+ people at the wedding.


Wedding planner: Anne Marie Williams from Weddings in the Bahamas was my wedding planner. she is very good and experienced. She has a good relationship with the vendors too which is helpful.  I would definitely recommend her services.


Venue:  Poop Deck at Sandyport. 


         PRO:Good spot.  I was able to get married on the beach and then walk over the little bridge to the reception which is what I wanted.  I was deciding between the Poop Deck, Compass Point and Lucianos.   Poop Deck was the best option for a wedding my size and the venue was easy to work with.  The food was good, everyone was accommodating, better than I anticipated.

        CON:  They didn't have someone walking the appetizers around in the cocktail party.  I would assume that is standard.  All of the appetizers were on a table for people to eat.  The little plates on the tables were cute with fishes on them but it wasn't really the stye I was going for and I never was told that or shown those plates prior to the wedding.  We extended our wedding by 20min and they were trying to get money out of me the second I walked off the dance floor.  I spoke to them and they calmed down but it was very strange.  Not sure why I couldn't just work with the wedding planner the day after the wedding and settle up for the extension.  It worked out fine in the end.


Overall the poop deck did a great job and it was a great place to get married and party.


DJ:  Jose Ageeb. Highly recommended and very good. give him an idea of what you want to play and let him do his thing.  He's a club dj but will play crowd pleaser music and get the crowd going.


Flowers: Wild Flowers.  My flowers on the centerpieces were wrong.  way off.  I blame this more on the wedding planner more than the florist but I let it go in the end as I did not pay for the upgrades for the orchids (which i never got) so it was fine. My bouquets and flowers for the ceremony were beautiful and correct.  Flowers were not that important to me but it was more of an annoyance as I had just gone over all the centerpiece flowers with the wedding planner 2 days before so there must have been some mix up. 


Hair:  Anne Marie Williams recommended a guy by the name of Allison for my hair.  he came to my villa and did my hair for the wedding.  He was amazing and my hair turned out perfect.  highly recommend. 

Photographer:  Dave Mason isphotographic.com.  I flew him down to Bahamas - he is in Indiana but will travel.  I had many people compliment how amazing his pictures were.  he is reasonably priced and is just outstanding. 


Hotel:  I wanted everyone to stay on Paradise Island so I asked people to stay at Sunrise Beach Villas and Comfort Suites.  I would recommend the villas over comfort suites Plus I saw the people at the villas all the time as I was staying there too. The villas has a bar Violas which was an excellent meet up spot.  A bunch of people stayed at the Hilton and the Sheraton as they got onine deals in those hotels.  I saw those people at the happy hours that I planned on the itinerary but not any other time besides the wedding  so I would try to get people to stay in the same hotel if you can.


Invitations:  I used Letterboxink.com.  The girl's name is laura nehls.  I found her on etsy.com.  The customized a boarding pass style invitation for us. Highly, highly recommended.  they turned out amazing and I got numerous compliments on them.

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