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Newbie looking for Info on HARD ROCK HOTEL PUNTA CANA

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So excited to post my first thread here!


My FI and I have been looking through all these threads and reviews on the Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana (along with some in Jamaica) but we are pretty well set on Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana.


It has been a few weeks and I have yet to hear back from the Hard Rock regarding some of my questions so I thought I could start here :)


-We will be having 30-50 people at the wedding; we want a private reception/dinner; we will be having only a symbollic ceremony.


Can any of you let me know what the possible locations are to choose from for 1.  The Ceremony 2.  The Reception/Dinner (I will be doing a private dinner)


Also, we want a DJ for the entire dinner/reception and some type of band for the ceremony.  I am curious what their menu options are for the private dinner as well.


Overall if any of you have been emailed wedding package information besides what they have on their website, I would be forever greatful if you could send it my way.


jul_colu@hotmail.com   is my e mail.


So happy that there is this website; thank you all in advance for any suggestions, replies, etc.


Julia ;)

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