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Wedding Colour: Highlight Your Wedding!

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Choosing your wedding colours is definitely a highlight of the planning process and shouldn't be a frustrating or stressful experience. There are no rules to what colours you choose although if you aren't confident with colour decoration wedding dress plaza recommends you stick with varying shades of one or two colours.

Getting Started

Book your wedding venue then choose your colours.

Consider the colours of your wedding venue when planning your wedding theme. You don't want your colour choice to clash with the venues decor.

Think about the season and location of your wedding - what colours will be dominating. For example a summer beach wedding where blue prevails, an autumn wedding surrounded by yellows and burnt oranges, or perhaps a winter wedding where rich reds or all white wouldn't look out of place.

For a wedding stick with a neutral base of white, cream or ivory.

If you are going with just the one colour in your wedding theming, be sure to use 3 or 4 varying shades of that hue in your wedding elements rather than the same shade throughout.

If you are choosing to have more than one colour combination, then you need to decide on which will be your dominant colour and which colours will be your accent colours. Accent colours are usually bolder and more vivid and are there to enhance and contrast well with your dominant colour choice.

When looking for the right wedding colours always imagine the colours on a white tablecloth or against your wedding dress. Find colours that you like and that suit you.

Sources of Inspiration

The paint section of a hardware store is a great place to mix and match different colours together. Many paint manufacturers release their annual colour palettes brochure highlighting all the fashionable colour palettes for the season.

If the hardware sales assistant looks at you suspiciously as you browse the paint swatches, then head online to the manufacturers website and see what you can print off from there.

Paint swatches are great as you can carry them around with you when you visit your florist or are shopping for bridesmaids dresses.

Fabric and craft stores are also good sources. Collect fabric swatches to keep in your bridal file.

Another great source for colour mixing inspiration and to find the most fashionable colours, just visit your favourite cosmetic counter and see how they mix and match all the latest shades.

If you can get your hands on one a Pantone Colour chart will help you identify exactly the colour you want. Cake decorators and wedding stationers usually have a chart handy.

Adding Pattern To Your Theme

When considering colours also look out for interesting patterns that can be incorporated into your wedding decoration such as the ribbons on the bouquets or as paper backing to your wedding invitation.

Fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper and ribbons are a great source of inspiration when looking at patterns.

Happy Planning!!wedding-colour-inspiration.jpg

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