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Daughters Wedding...

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One day the mother of my children and her now husband, decided to move with the children across country.  Quite a few years past with not having much contact with the kids and I was unable to communicate with the ex without an argument.  As time went on and depression and hate grew stronger, I ceased contact in order to salvage my sanity.  I wrote a the kids a few letters which were returned in the mail....  To make this long story short they all moved back here...son then16 and my daughter19 and graduated.  Things started off slowly and progressively rebuilt a relationship with my children and their mother.  One day, almost a year of being back "home"  my daughter and my ex told me she was getting married.  We discussed the wedding and I told them both that I would do what I could to help[ out, telling and asking my daughter anytime I spoke with her that "I will help her"  "What do you need", and so on.  I went with my daughter when picking out here dress and took her to different restaurants to help here decide where to have her rehearsal dinner.,  Not once did either of them mention me not being in the wedding.  Then the other day, at my moms, I found the wedding invitation on the table, so I picked it up to read and It had the step dad's name and the exes as the parents of my daughters.  I was shocked,saddened, felt let down and like someone slapped me in the face.  Should I be feeling these emotions and is it wrong not to have my mane as her father on the invitations as well. 

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