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My proud moment (long)

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So you all remember my last foster boy Max right? Well we get an email this morning from the head person in charge of the rescue group, apperently their is an artist (does paintings) that is starting this thing that she is going to paint one pet a day. And the first week of every month she is doing it of only shelter/rescue pets, all proceeds from the sale of her paintings goes to the rescue group. SO back to this email we got,, they asked us for another picture of Max and a blurb about him he's going to be one of the three Bostons that will be featured by this artist. I'm so pround.. Here is a picture of Max and the letter we submitted about him....


Click the image to open in full size.



Max, a 2 year old male Boston Terrier was found as a stray, twice. He somehow manged to loose his family, but was lucky enough to find his way to a kind family in Flushing, Michigan. The family put an ad in the local paper in the lost and found section. Max’s owners came to pick him up and didn’t even say thank you. A week later, Max showed up at this kind families front door yet again. The family knew that they had to find Max a good home as they already had their hands full with pets of their own. The kind family contacted Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue. A couple days later, my wife and I drove an hour and a half north to pick Max up. The kind family told us about Max and said that he was very smart and loving. When I first saw Max, I didn’t know what to think. He was skinny, not fixed, and full of energy. We put him in the back seat and drove him to our house.


When we arrived at our house, we brought Max inside to meet our two other Boston Terriers. The first thing that we noticed was that Max likes to mount the other dogs, including our cat. It was kind of funny at first until our dogs started hiding from Max. We knew that we were going to have our hands full with him. He didn’t know any commands but displayed the signs of being a quick learner. We played with Max for a while and then put him to bed because he was going to have a long next day.


I woke Max up at 4:00AM and loaded him in the car. Much to his lack of knowledge, Max was on his way to the MSU vet school to get fixed and thoroughly inspected. He was given a heartworm test, rabies shot, and the rest of his shots on top of being neutered. The one thing that I’ll never forget is when Max was waking up from his anesthesia. Max was lying in his kennel at the Vet’s office and when he stared regaining consciousness he literally started signing the blues like I’ve never heard any other dog do. He had everyone in the whole office laughing so hard, that it was making them difficult to do their jobs. On the car ride home, Max couldn’t sit still and before I knew it, he was laying upside down on the front seat. I knew then that Max was an original character.


The next day, we started with Max’s training. We started with sit, lay down, and leave it. He picked them up with the greatest of ease. He picked them up quicker than any other dog I’ve ever trained and over the next few weeks, Max learned that mounting the other dogs, and cat wasn’t a good idea and he learned how to play nicely with them. Max also learned how to play with toys as I believe that he never had any with his original owners.


One of Max’s favorite things to do was go to the dog park. He loved playing with the other dogs of all sizes. He would find a dog and play with them the whole time, and when it was time to leave, he would sleep the whole way home.


Max came to a “Dog Carnival” with my wife and I where we had set up a Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue tent. It was kind of a slow day until a family stopped by and was instantly in love with Max. They stayed for a while and asked questions while their 3 kids played with Max. A few days later we received a call from the family saying that they wanted to adopt Max.


My wife and I visited the family at their house. The kids were so excited that they came running to our car doors to great Max. I knew at that point that Max was going to have a great life. The family had a very nice, fenced in backyard. The kids had as much energy as Max, making them a perfect match. The family filled out the adoption paperwork that same day.


When we were leaving, the kids wanted to take Max for a walk so we all walked out the front door at the same time. The kids went one way with Max while my wife and I walked the other way. I looked back at Max and he sat there starring at me. I couldn’t help but feel sad that I was leaving Max. He lost his original family, his kind family, and now my wife and I. I walked over to Max one last time, told him that I love him with all my heart and told him that he was going to be taken care of better than he ever has and that his new family already loves him. I said “be a good boy for your new family ok”. I gave him one last kiss on the head. He then turned around and went walking off with his new family.


I still think about Max and yes I still miss him. He gave our family a lot of love in his time with us. He showed us that as much love as we give these rescue dogs, that they give the same amount of love back. I know Max is doing great and I’m excited to hear from his new family with an update.

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So I told you guys that three dogs were chosen to be used to help raise money for our rescue group, well I found out what one of the other dogs were...... My foster girl that passed away a couple month ago, remember I did a memory book in her honor.. :-( I can't believe two out of the three dogs picked were our fosters.. how cool, exciting and OMG bank account draining.. lol

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wow tammy thats awesome... we loved meeting max! im so glad he has found a new home with lots of love! so i hear you have yet another addition to your family... where are the pictures?

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