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Back! (And Engaged This Time!)

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It's been a while since I lurked these boards, and a lot has changed - namely, I got engaged haha. I will share my story the same as I did our wedding site.

Almost as soon as my fiance decided to plan their first road trip after I moved to his state, I suspected something was up. However, I began to doubt that Jason had already gotten the ring we had picked out together in March.


Though hampered by rain clouds, our first day in Destin, Florida started early. We began driving around looking for public beach access around 7:30 and finally found a spot in South Walton Beach, several miles east of Destin and just a few miles from their condo rental in Sandestin. I was really nervous that he would propose then, but because he seemed so calm, I decided he was going to wait.


We saw the wall of rain that was coming towards us, but still took the time to stand along the water and let it wash over our feet. We decided to move away from the water a bit to avoid the jellyfish that were washed up along the shore. He seemed very protective of my camera bag, and for a moment, I thought I spotted something strange in it...a red box perhaps?


It seemed like we were about to leave, when Jason asked me to go ahead of him. When he called me and I turned around, he was on one knee. Still not quite believing what was happening, I said, "Yeah, baby?" Then with an excited glance around, I said, "You are not proposing to me right now!"


As he took my hand, he reminded me of how I was his sunshine (since he was my moonlight) and that I was his star that always guided him home. He told me how much he loved me for the past eight months and said, "Now, I have a question to ask you," as he pulled out the red box and asked for my left hand (just in case he couldn't remember).


After he asked me to marry him, I beamed with delight and said, "Of course, I will." Not long after our embrace, the rain began to come down, and we had to hurry back to the car. As the downpour occurred, we called our friends and family to tell them the good news. Unknowingly, he had already asked my parents for my hand in marriage several weeks before, making this one of the best kept secrets ever.


After a lot of thought (and my parents' help), I've decided to keep it small and simple (50 guests or less, no attendants), but I will try not to be so budget conscious. However, I am extremely happy I was able to get a ceremony and reception site on Hilton Head Island, along with a breakfast buffet reception for 50 people for approximately $4K.

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Congrats! Cute story!

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