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2012mrstobe Engagement Photos

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Thanks! The ones with the bike are (of course) FI's favorite ones as well. If it were left up to him, we would have taken each and every one of them on the bike! LOL

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Originally Posted by shanandcal View Post


Your pictures are beautiful. Where were the taken if you don't mind me asking. I al looking for some places in the area to take my engagement photos.


Thanks Shanandcal!

There is an apartment complex in Marietta that overlooks the Chattahoochie river. I can't think of the street its right down the street from Ray's on the River. You have to be buzzed into the complex but just tell them you are going to the coffee house, as there is a really quaint little coffee house on the property.


It was a little hiddent gem my FI and I discovered and we have gone there quite a bit. 

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