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Wedding Items For Sale!!!!

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Hi Everyone,


I have changed my mind on a few items I have purchased and I am looking to sell them. I am open to any offers and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.



-40 purple gem brads (was going to use them with my boarding passes, but I have changed my mind and I am doing passport invites now.) $3.00

-19 OOT Bags, 7 Purple, 6 Pink 6, Blue $0.90 each or all of them for $15.00

-24 Hibiscus Lanyards: 12 in an unopened bag, 12 in an opened bag from Oriental Trading (they can easily hold a credit card) $ 10

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Originally Posted by trivera5521 View Post


Where did you get the OOT bags from?? Exactly what I am looking for but I need a few other colors?


They are from the dollar tree :)



Originally Posted by KCDawn View Post


I'll take the purple brads if they're available!




I have another bride interested in those, but if that changes I will let you know.

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