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Cathleen's Planning Thread for Jamaica

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Thanks, Here are the templates.  Borrowed and edited from other brides on this site.








also I found a great coloring book from another bride on this site that I used








and the chapstick labels also borrowed






Hi! I do not have 150 posts yet because I am new to this site so I am unable to click on the links you posted... do you know how to get to 150? Also is there a way you can post the links to my blog on my page so I can open them? I'm not too sure how this works yet, but I would love to check out your links to the chap stick labels!



Total side note: do you know the difference between a planning thread and a blog? I started a blog but was there somewhere else I should have started a "planning thread"? lol sorry for the questions, just trying to plan my destination wedding that is creeping up on me fast and thought this site would help but I cant open anything! Help!



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