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Cathleen's Planning Thread for Jamaica

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Hello Everyone,

I leave for Jamaica in two weeks and am very excited.  I am so happy I found this site, just wished I started using it a little earlier.  I want to thank all of the past and present brides for all of their great ideas and templates.  I couldn't have done this without all of you.



James and I started dating in November 2001 and have dated on and off since then.  I always knew he was the one but he was a little bit relationship phobic.sad.gif  But I knew he would eventually see the light and never gave up on him.  We got engaged on November 4, 2011 at his apartment.

iphone pics 790.JPG


We had started discussing getting married in September and decided we wanted to have a Destination Wedding due to the fact that we were looking to buy a house at the same time and wanted to keep our wedding costs down.  We booked our date at Iberostar Grand Rose Hall back in September.  There were only 3 dates left to choose and the Suites was already booked up.


Save the Dates:

We created our save the dates on Kodak Gallery.  I had taken a picture in Bermuda of us looking out from an infinity pool and wanted to use it.  I thought it showed us looking toward the future.

invite 001.JPG




I wanted to do the airplane ticket theme and had looked all over the internet for ideas.  (This was before I knew about this website unfortunately.)  I found a great company online and used them for my invitations.  http://www.thestylishscribe.com

Here are some pics of my invite:


invite 003.JPG


invite 002.JPG


invite 004.JPG


Pre-travel letter:

I didn't do any sort of luggage tags.  Unfortunately I found this site too late but I did send out a letter to all of my guests with some basic information.  I used letter that I found on this site to help me.


iphone pics 760.JPG


OOT Bags:

Now to the good stuff, making my OOT bags.  There were so many great ideas on this site that I wanted to incorporate.  I have become obsessed with these bags and have probably spent way too much money on them but had a lot of fun doing them.  I am having about 50 guests at my wedding, each family/couple get a bag filled with goodies.


The first thing I purchased were the bags:


I bought them from http://www.zazzle.com  The more bags you buy the cheaper they are.  I paid about $9.00 for each bag.  There came out great and are perfect for my guests to carry down to the beach with them.


iphone pics 775.JPG



The next thing I ordered were t-shirts for all of my guests.  We are having a Bonfire Beach Party the night before our wedding and I wanted all of our guests to wear these shirts for a group picture.  I ordered them from http://www.logosportswear.com and they came out great.  I paid around $7.00 for each shirt.  And again the more shirts you buy, the cheaper they are.


iphone pics 776.JPG


I also ordered koosies from http://www.totallykoozies.com . They haven't arrived yet, I will post a pic when I get them.  They ended up costing about $1.00 each.


The next thing I worked on was my survival kit.  I found so many great ideas and templates on this site.


iphone pics 780.JPG


iphone pics 781.JPG


I used Ziploc gallon size bags and printed the labels using a full label sheet (2 labels per sheet) and stuck them right on the bag.


iphone pics 782.JPG


Each kit contains:

Sun Tan Lotion

Aloe Vera

Toothpaste and toothbrush kit

nail file




Shout Wipe

Advil pack

Imodium pack

Trident gum


2 bags of chips


I bought most of the stuff at the local dollar store.


I used a template I found on this site for my chapsticks and tissues.  I used full page labels and cut out the labels to fit the chapstick and tissues.


iphone pics 768.JPG


iphone pics 783.JPG


My other project that I worked on was my key tags.  I bought the lanyards and plastic ID holders off of Amazon.com.

I used a template and poem I found on this site.  They came out great.


iphone pics 763.JPG


iphone pics 779.JPG




Photography Postcards:

iphone pics 786.JPG



Welcome Books: 

I found the template from another bride on this site.  I included a picture of each our guests so that everyone can get to know each other.


iphone pics 787.JPG


iphone pics 788.JPG


The OOT Bags were so much fun to make. Thanks to everyone on this site for all of their great ideas.


Cake topper:


iphone pics 757.JPG


I bought this on Bed, Bath, and Beyonds website and used my 20% coupon.


Foot Jewelry:

I wanted the girls to be barefoot for the ceremony so I purchased this foot jewelry on Ebay.  It was about $20 a set.  They are really cute.

iphone pics 785.JPG


Well that's it for now.  I will post more in the future.  If anyone needs any templates please let me know.cheesy.gif

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Wow, your OOTs are fantastic, your guests will love them! How did you know what t-shirt sizes to get people? Or did you just guess?

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Great job and gorgeous ring! Looking forward to reading more of your planning thread. Would you mind sharing your template for the key tag insert? Thanks :)

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