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What are you giving your non-sailing guests in the OOT bags?

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I am having fun planning my OOT bags. Thanks to all the helpful posts on here, I think I have the contents for my cruising guests pretty well planned.


However, I will have quite a few non-cruising guests, and they are travelling from out of state too, just to eb there for the oh so short cruise wedding and reception. I feel like I should get them something, but obviously they don't need sunscreen, and aloe, and headache meds etc.


I'm planning to hand the bags out the night before our wedding (we're getting married on embarkation day) so I don't want the non- cruisers to feel left out if they see everyone else getting bags...but at the same time they don't "need" the majority of the goodies.


Would it be strange to make a smaller bag for non-cruisers with just a couple of snacks, the itinerary, and our "favor" which is a printed koozie?


Thoughts? Advice? Other brides' plans? Thanks ladies!

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Our is exact a month after your 8 Dec. We have decided against an OOT bag.  We will be treating our sailing guests to dinner at Harry's steakhouse.

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