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Looking at a Destination Wedding in Gran Bahia Principe Mexico

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I have only just registered to this forum in the hope of getting some advice on 1) Destination Weddings and 2) Our preferred location 'Bahia Principe in Mexico'.


Both my fiance and I have chosen to hopefully get married at this resort as we have been together now for almost 10 years and this was both my first holiday abroad and OUR first holiday together, it exceeded our expectations plus much more and no holiday has matched up to this since. 


We would do this immediately without a second thought if it wasn't for the guests and worrying about costings - we obviously cant afford to pay for all our guests plus ourselves and the wedding so it would be on them to pay for this and I feel kind of cheeky asking this of them (in the back of our minds we are thinking, it is still going to be an amazing holiday for them also but we still worry).


If anyone has any advice on this front or idea's - we have only this weekend started looking into it so I don't know whether there are deals that may come with weddings with airlines etc? It would be much appreciated for any advice anyone may have as after looking at reviews and speaking about it, it means a lot to both myself and my fiance, and it would be amazing for us to get married at the place we first went away with each other.


I am sure throughout the week you will see many questions pop up but again, please if you have any ideas or advice let me know.


For the moment I shall have a nosey through the forum and hopefully find some guidance and help.


Kay xxx

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