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Do what feels right to you. Forget all the etiquette, forget the rest of the family - do what will make you and your FI happy. Personally I think I would include her name as the parents. And then honor her memory on your wedding day. 


These are the times when I think wedding etiquette is over-thought, over-analyzed, and gets a little silly. You have to do what feels right to you. 

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I think if you really want to have parents names on the invites, then just do it, include her on them and if she has passed by the time your mailing them, oh well, people will understand. The other route is to go with a non-traditional invite (passport style) and not include parents names at all. That way the crazy etiquette obsessed family members won't even notice that parents names were not included.


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I think I found a good solution that keeps with the etiquette of a deceased person not being listed as a host (because there are crazy family members who are VERY "proper") but also allows us to include his mom on our invitations:


Mrs. Jane Doe and

Mr. John Smith 


Request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their children


Faith Doe


Michael Smith

son of the late Patricia Smith 


Everybody is on the invitation. Everybody is happy.

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