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We're Eloping! Selling what we already purchased for OOT bags

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We have decided to do what WE want to do and have cancelled our wedding so we can go where WE want to go and get married how WE want it. I had already started buying some stuff for OOT bags, so if there is anything you are interested in, send me a pm!


 All prices are OBO and do not include shipping


15 tubes of Nivea "mint and minerals" lipbalm- $25

4 tubes of Nivea "kiss of recovery" lipbalm, spf 15- $7

2 tubes of coppertone childrens lipbalm spf 55- $6

13 tins of Nivea creame lotion stuff- $8

4 Revlon tweezers- $4
5 Revlon tropical looking nail files- $7.50

5 Revlon box 'o files- $6.50

11 Revlon "what a catch" nail clippers (they have like a case to catch your nails in)- $18

10 Revlon regular nail clippers- $14

8 Blue old navy tote bags- $5

4 Pink old navy tote bags- $2.50

4 Blue short pillar candles "wind and sea" scented- $5

1 bag of crushed shells- $1

12 "split to fit" dentyne ice packs ( we planned to split the packs and put one side in each bag)- $9

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I see you probably have sold most everything, But regardless GOOD for YOU! that is the way to start a marriage with what matters most to you and your hubby to be.

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