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My DIY Silk Pomander for the little ones

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Deciding on a pomander rather than flower basket was out of sheer convenience.  I know I wanted to do my own bouquet and centerpieces so i figured why not get the easy stuff out of the way.  This DIY was the easiest and it only took me 30 mins to make two pomanders.  My inspiration....


40af6071a2f3fa38ca80f18ffcdbee8c_rwl.jpg  (source)




First of you'll need your supplies: Styrofoam balls (I used 4" balls), flowers of choice, peal headed pins (my choice) or you can hot glue gun as well and ribbon.




Instructions (Easy Peasy)


I started by poking a hole all the way through the ball for the ribbon.  I just used the stem tip for this part. I couldn't find our long screw driver so i just improvised  :( 




Feed your ribbon through the hole and tie off a knot at the end to secure it.





Now the easy part, if you are not using the pins; Clip off the flower stems (leave about 1-2 inches of stem) and start poking them into the ball. I used the pearl headed pins to secure my flowers.




Voila,... here's the final product.



so now i'm thinking, maybe i can use these as my centerpieces as well.  Any ideas ladies? Instead of the clear vase, i can use blumebox  (http://www.blumebox.com/)



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Hey MZTHAN6!! These are BEAUTIFUL! They look amazing, and it only took 30 minutes, fabulous!!!

I've never heard of a blumebox, but these are really fun ideas to display your pomanders during the reception.

I like the idea of putting them atop a vase, but I think the vase might be just a tad too big. I think if it was a little lower in height it would be more proportional to the pomander.

Are you only having 2 centerpieces? Not sure of how large your wedding group is or where you're having the reception- But, I think these would be beautiful even hanging from nearby overheads [trees, in between lighting, sides of chairs]. Just a thought, not sure if it would work with what you're doing. I'm sure you've seen those paper lanterns that you can hang in various shaped & sizes above your reception area- I'm thinking something to that affect. But if it's only 2, I would stick with keeping them on the tables LOL

Hope this helped cheers.gif

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Thanks JennyBenz. I'm not using the vase the I have on this picture. I was thinking of more something like this. 



This vase is from blumebox. I'm still undecided whether to use pomanders as my centerpieces; If I decided to use them, I was thinking of making them on 5" and 4" styrofoam balls.

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