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2012-06-11 21.01.57.jpg

We are exactly 20 days until our departure to Mexico!woot.gif

I am in the final stages of planning and gathering stuff for our Big Day!  We decided that we want to do a sand ceremony.  Unfortunately, I waited until the last minute (kind of forgot...) to purchase one.  And when I went online to search.....I was quickly astounded by the prices for glass jars (even if they were personalized...)




I decided to DIM (Do It Myself)!!!

I stalk my local GoodWill on a regualr basis so I know that I would be able to find glasses at a cheap price...

$1.00 for Big Glass (GoodWill - I was so happy to find a glass with a cork!!)

$1.00 (Goodwill 2 smaller glasses - I wanted them to be different for an authentic look :))

Shells - Dollar Tree - $1.00

Starfish - @$1.33 (Pack of 6 cost @ $8.00 Big Lots...Starfish stink!!!sick.gif)

Raffia - $1.00 (Bag at Walmart)


Total = $5.33 for my set!!!

I will get turquoise & yellow sand for the ceremony.


I hope you like!

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Originally Posted by JennyBenz View Post


This looks great! And you definitely can't buy something like this for less than $6 online!


And congrats on upcoming big day cheers.gif

Thanks JennyBenz!!!  My fiance loves it too.  I had recently had a less than pleasant experience with spray paint in our back yard so he was pleased he did not have to clean up!

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