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We booked Azul Beach for March 2, 2013 and just finished working out the group block contract! Next up, wedding planning -- it's a little daunting!  Is anyone in the process? It'd be great to get a 2013 (or late 2012!) thread going, because some of the threads from a few years ago look like they were really helpful! I'm currently stumped with:


(i) what to do for a rehearsal dinner, given that we have a pretty large party (80-90) and we don't want to use a ballroom nor the same place as we're going to use for the reception,  


(ii) what to do for music (make our own playlist for a DJ?), and


(iii) what to do for photographer -- we were going to just go with caribe photo, but someone posted a sample album from them that they were less-than-happy with, and, i have to agree, the photos just didn't look professional.  some people were very happy with javier from caribe, but caribe won't guarantee a particular photographer.

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I am glad this Azul Beach thread is here because it is annoying going to the Azul Sensatori thread with the 1400 pages looking for information specific to Azul Beach!


I am booked for September 2013! We did a group room block for our guests. Thinking about doing a welcome cocktail reception Friday evening at The Wave Lounge, Rehearsal Dinner BBQ on the beach and wedding ceremony on the beach, cocktail hour at Sky Terrace then reception afterwards. I'm not happy either with the two "recommended" photographers. The photos last forever so I want to make sure they are amazing! Also considering bringing in a DJ but worried about paying the $800 outside vendor fee twice. Not fair!

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