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OOT Bag Leftovers

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11 Aloe Vera Gel Bottles - $12.00

16 One Step Hand Sanitizer Wipes - $3.50

16 Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes - $2.00

30 Individual Wrapped Pepto Bismol - $4.00 (Come in different size sheets as I split them up for OOT Bags and realized I had to many)

4 Small Dove Deoderants - $2.00

20 Individual Advil Packets (2 pills per pack) - $3.00

10 Shout Wipes  - $4.00


These are the left over items from my Wedding gift bags. They are all in perfect shape I just had too many. :)

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The Shout wipes and advil have a pending sale. The pepto is still available however. Let me know if you are still interested.



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