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Okay, I posted this and templates and such in the little blog section in the blog archives... This is all peachy keen...

But I thought I would post a couple pictures here too, since I am so excited to share them!


Each one was just a couple pages... basic information on the first, then the second page had a note basically saying we want you to come, but we get it that not everyone can, and that we will have an ahr later so no worries... more eloquently of course.


I had the materials before, and just printed them from home, so it only cost postage. One went overseas, one to the states, all the rest were close... so it was super inexpensive! So far we have heard a few people have gotten there's. Responses so far have been good!









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Originally Posted by Arch713 View Post


Love your Save The Dates! What did you note on the little tag with ribbon? Nice job!



It is a little note about wanting to book early, as well as our travel agent's information. If I had been thinking, I would have looked at it before so it wouldn't have to be inside the ticket holder upside down. Oops!

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