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Rather than buying pocket folders we are making our own.  I was wondering what kind of paper everyone has used for this?  I spoke with someone at staples and they said if I used anything heavier than regular paper it will wrinkle/krinkle where you fold it.  Anyone have any experience with this?

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We used card stock but to avoid the paper from cracking and breaking we had to score it first....you can buy a tool to do this at a craft store, we just used a magazine under the paper and then after measuring where exactly where we were folding it on each side (we had like a 3 sided pocket) we put a ruler down and used the back of a butter knife (a dull hard thing) to push down on the paper and ran it back and forth once, this gave the paper a nice little spine to bend on. My dear FI tried once but he had a bit too heavy of a hand, lol, and it almost cut through the card stock.


I have a thread up with our boarding pass invites along with the sleeves if you click my name you can see it on threads I started I think


Good Luck!

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