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Minister for Ceremony in Playa del Carmen - Surprise Script!

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I wanted to share something with all of you. I was starting to stress out about our ceremony script and exactly what would be said on our wedding day. Although we are having a legal wedding in Mexico, with a judge, we decided to hire a minister as well who would hopefully guide us and make suggestions for this part.


Our hotel (Le Reve) put us in touch with Enrique Monroy who is an ordained minister with experience in religious as well as non-denominational ceremonies. While we haven't met him, we are SO excited to be working with him. Here's why: the entire ceremony script, except for a reading (sonnet by Pablo Neruda) that we asked him to add, will be a complete surprise! He gave us the general outline but then said the following: "We  prefer  not  to  give  you the  actual  words  of  the  ceremony,  to  maintain  the  special  glow  of  surprise  &  unknown,  we  always  prefer  that  the  bride  &  groom  listen  to  the  words  right  at  the  moment  they  are  getting  married,  and  not  before.  Trust  me,  you  will  not  regret  it."


I get goosebumps just thinking how special this will be. I know this isn't for everyone, especially since your wedding day is such an important day, but me and my fiance are SO excited about and energized by this! His words say it all - it will maintain the special glow of surprise and unknown. :)


I just wanted to throw it out there that is IS possible to have a great ceremony without stressing over every word of the script. Trust me, I spent hours in the ceremony script thread, and there are some amazing ones out there, but it doesn't have to be difficult. Think about it!! I will post a review after the wedding on how it actually went - I hope it's as special as we are expecting.

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Good luck on your special day!  It does sound like it'll be amazing, and the Minister sounds like a wise man.  Although I imagine it'll be hard for you to concentrate on what he's saying since you'll be so lost in each other.  Please post your pictures and reviews once you get back.  We considered Le Reve for our location too, but have too many guests, so settled on Azul Sensatori instead.  I'd love to see what could have been.


Anyway, have an amazing time!  Congratulations!

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