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Tami's Boarding Pass Invitation Template

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hey ladies,


i noticed there were A LOT of members asking for the creator of this template to email it to them - read this thread http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t11197

this is against our rules.


also - if anyone sees this happening in any of the template threads - please report the post to the moderators by clicking the "report post" button on the lower left corner of the post - we appreciate it!



bdw mods

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Thanks Alyssa!


And just as an add-on ... I have switched computers since uploading these templates, so I don't have the originals anyway. I have to use the posted attachments as well.


I get more PM's from Noobs who just don't take the time to accumulate enough points to open attachments.

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Originally Posted by foxytv View Post
Hey girl! They are all on Download fonts | dafont.com. In the search bos just type in the name and it'll come right up. If you have problems still, PM me and I'll .zip 'em over to ya (on my way out the door so can't ddo it right now and w/o the PM, I'll forget!). smile105.gif
Wow, great tip. I found just the font I wanted! Thank you!

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