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My Mexico/beach wedding DIYs - post yours for inspiration!

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I am a loves-to-craft, Etsy & pinterest-obsessed, champagne taste on a Boone's Farm budget bride, so I have been DIY-ing my little heart out. Some ideas are my own, some I found inspiration for here and other places, some I saw on Etsy and decided I could make for cheaper. Thought I would share in case it helps others looking for ideas (and lacking funds). Please post yours too - I have eight months to go and plenty of time for additional projects!


I'll start with my bridesmaid's cards/requests - they aren't beachy, but they are fun! I surprised each girl with a mini bottle of champagne and a note that said, "There is still one question that needs to be popped... will you be my bridesmaid? (If I promise not to make you wear a dress like this) {next to some fugly bridesmaid dresses cheesy.gif}. I wrote a personal note on the back.





My colors are a bright coral-ly pink, and irvory/silver. In order to give everything a consistent and stylized look, I went to town with one of those Martha Stewart punchs featuring a starfish/sand dollar. Here are the cutouts on my giftbags/welcome letters. (You'll also notice the tiny bottle in front - in addition to items like aloe, sunscreen and a pocket Spanish dictionary, we put tiny messages in these bottles that explain that they are to bring back a little bit of paradise (sand) when they leave!) The tags on the gift bags say "Gracias y bienvenidos."




I used the sand dollar throughout - on letters, menus, bridal part gift bags, etc. to tie everything together. Here is one of the table numbers (in Spanish), which I printed and decorated, then placed in some shell holders I got on Etsy. I also printed instructions for the guestbook (we are doing a fuji instant guestbook with fun props) and table numbers, and framed them in some Mother of Pearl shell frames I got at target:


Table numbers.jpg



Instead of bells or classes clinking, I decided I am going to outfit each table with maracas. They all have a tag on them with a poem about shaking them to see the bride and groom kiss:




That's all I have so far, but I have lots more to come. (Now I just have to figure out how the heck to get it all to Mexico!)

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