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Sunset Beach Wedding 10/20/2012

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Hi everyone!


I am so glad I found this website.  All of your postings have made me so excited for my destination wedding!!


I have a few questions -


Did anyone have the bonfire the night before the wedding?  I am only having at the most 20 people attending and the 1400 dollars is quoted for some sites say 35 and others say 50 people. 


My wedding organizer is named Sean.  Has anyone ever used him? 


Did any of you stay in the beachfront cabana's?  How was it?  Was it worth the extra money?


We are not having a reception after the wedding due to budget and were planning on just everyone going out to dinner and hanging out after.  Did any of you do this?


I also saw that some people requested special cakes.  I saw a great pic of a wedding cake with palm trees on top.  Is this extra?  Was the cake that you had good?


where is the best place to get married?  The gazebo or the beach? 


sorry for so many questions!!  I am very excited for this day and just want it to run smoothly!


thanks so much!!  Erin

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My name is Ebony , and my wedding is 10/06/2012 at sunset beach resort. Im hacing 19 total. We are having a reception dinner and ive hired marcia roberts for my photos.

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