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E.L.F. Makeup

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In case you haven't heard, there is a make-up line (featured on Oprah)

called E.L.F. - stands for eyeslipsface


Shop Eyes Lips Face


It is a higher end line that Nordstrom's has recently purchased...so,

they are clearing out all of their on-line inventory.


Everything is only $1.00.


Then, on orders up to $20.00 you get 50% off if you can enter *coupon

code: Carolina, so you can save up to another $10.


This is an easy and inexpensive way to stock up on your makeup


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OH that was just not good! I'm so impulsive! I wish I knew the quality, i would have bought a bunch to make cute little makeup bags for my bmaids. Maybe I still will once I get my order. We'll see!

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Ok, guys. After I got all excited, ordered a rack of makeup and forwarded this "great deal" to a host of my friends, I'm finding out that there's a lot of shady things concerning this ELF makeup! I'm hearing that it's a SCAM!


Needless to say, I'm pissed! I'm curious to see whether I will recieve the makeup and the quality as well. I keep getting mixed reviews about the make up, but overall, the company seems like it's shady.



Check these out:

Alpha Mom : Advice Smackdown : Because I'm Not the Only Person Here Who Knows a Thing or Four


E.L.F Cosmetics: Yes or No?-The Budget Fashionista


Has anyone else heard anything like this? Has anyone here had any problems with these products?

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