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Little white dresses under $35! Perfect for welcome dinners, rehearsal dinner, etc.

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If you're able to fit into juniors clothing, this site has a load of little white dresses under $35!  They'd be great for welcome dinners, rehearsal dinners, etc.  I'm tempted myself, seeing as I can fit into some juniors clothing, depending on cut and materials used.  For the price, it wouldn't be that big of a deal to trade out too-small dresses for shoes or something else on their site.


I linked each one to the sale page, so just click which one(s) you like.


12m985-wht_01.jpg   13a070_01.jpg   ft12544-wht_01.jpg   

d17456-wht_01.jpg   41019-wht_01.jpg   gd4044t-wht_01.jpg

gd4215d-wht_01.jpg   id6127-crm_01.jpg   d9651aa-wht_01.jpg   

d17138-wht_01.jpg   8566gt-ivy_01.jpg   ft12130_01.jpg   sw166-wht_01.jpg   



They have a lot of great colored dresses that would be perfect for bridesmaids, as well.  I can't speak to the quality of the clothing, but I have ordered shoes from this site before & was pleased for the price.  Quality was about the same as places like Charlotte Russe, and the customer service is great.  The one time I did have an issue with a pair of shoes not up to par (glue stain from the manufacturing process), they were quick to offer a solution, letting me keep the shoes and giving me store credit for the purchase price I paid.  All the other pairs I bought were perfect.


Wasn't really looking for wedding/bridesmaids dresses tonight; was actually trying to find my friend a birthday gift.  But you can't avoid seeing wedding stuff everywhere once you're planning one!  Of course, not like I have to explain that around here... wink.gif

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