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Best time of year for Riviera Maya Weddings??

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So the results are scattered...I have reviewed a few forums discussing this topic (although can't seem to find any more recent than 2009) and I am still left in the dark as to what time of year is best suited for a Riviera Maya wedding....

**I know that weather is never 100% predictable ANYWHERE, just looking for reviews/general consensus**


Hurricane season? - officially starts August or September? I'm reading mixed reviews

Duration of rain? - Short lived downpours similar to other areas of the Caribbean or does rain usually last fairly long?

Temp? - I've looked at the weather networks average temps...fairly straightforward it seems...avoid June-August (True or False?)
Busy Times? - Resorts are expected to be most crowded/booked for weddings between April-June (True or False?)

Cheap Travel times? - Lower prices generally found during summer & hurricane season (True or False?)

Other factors to consider?


Any advice, experiences, clarifications, etc are greatly appreciated. It's these basic decisions, like WHEN to have our wedding, that have me stumped!

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Congrats katman + welcome to the forum ! Lots of our brides wonder the same questions you've asked, so we compiled some helpful info at our webpage here.......http://momentsthatmatterphotography.com/mexicoweather.html

Sometimes the best time to plan your wedding day is the time most convenient for you - and then trust Mother Nature to co-operate :) However it works out, you'll always have our beautiful Mayan Riviera as a backdrop to your special "moments that matter" :)

Enjoy the process, and all the best ! 1000

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