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Keeping Up With Emails

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    Posted 16 May 2012 - 08:37 AM

    I hope I am able to give someone some insight but really I am just venting.  I am 5 days out from when I leave for Dreams and 9 days from the wedding.  I am type A when it comes to planning so I was sending my follow up email and Magda told me that the day passes were 95.00/day.  Now, I know that the wedding day passes are 95.00/day but the regular day passes are 89.00/day.  I know you guys may be thinking what's the big deal, it's on 6.00 but to me, it's the principle.  I told her that she had quoted me a price of 89.00 and she replied that the regular day passes have been 95.00 for 2011.  I then had to forward her my emails where she told me, more than once, that the price was 89.00/day.


    Magda has been okay to work with but this is the last thing that I need to have to worry about, whether or not my guests are going to be haggled and hassled on non-wedding days.  Thankfully, it's not that many of them.  Eventually she did tell me that she would try to get approval for the 89.00 fee from her manager and came back yesterday and told me she would honor it but she needs the names of any guests that might come on days other than the wedding.


    I say all this to do two things: first, to vent to people are are going through the same type of process and second, to reiterate the importance of making sure you have all of your emails.  I have been printing all of my emails as I go because I don't want to have to go somewhere, look them up and then find a way to print them.


    Other than that, I can't wait for these measly little 5 sleeps to pass by!

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