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July 17, 2013

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Hello ladies,


I too will wed at the Grand Palladium July 2013. The wedding is set for 4pm on the beach with a private reception at the Blue Lagoon from 6pm to 10pm.  We are reserving a DJ for the minimum of 3 hours ($900.00) for the last 3 hours of the reception and will use the IPOD hook up for the first our, since most of the guest will be arriving, dinning, and mingling.


Someone mentioned flowers the prices are outrageous for the additional bouquets that are needed. I have enlisted my brilliant cousin to take on the task of arranging the additional flowers, doing this will save tons of money.


You would think that if the resort is all-inclusive that you would not have to pay for the reception, but they will find anyway to make an additional buck.


On another note. I just want to say that the resort in FAB.  We were there from April1 18th to the 23rd. The view from our room was beautiful, the service was remarkable, and the staff were friendly and very considerate.  We only paid $1800.00 for 2 people leaving from Philadelphia with a straight flight. Look around you maybe able to catch some good deals.  US-Airways ran a special last September that gave $175.0 discount per person and the resort gave an early booking bonus. (thus why we got sch a good rate)

So far we have received estimates of about $900.00 PP for  5days/4 nights (including airfare and transfers). This is just an estimate as the airfare for July is not yet available


Actually there was only one complaint that I had. We had to beg for wash clothes. I suggest that when you go grab a pack and tell your guest to pack some too.  Who would have thought that wash clothes would be such a hot commodity.


FYI There is a Night Club that opens up at 11 PM for the 21 and older crowd. So after your reception if you are not too tired go down and dance the rest of the ight away.  I know I wil !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wishing you all happy planning,



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Thats exciting to pick a resort! Happy wedding planning!

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