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How to make survival kit toppers?

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Originally Posted by janette34 View Post


I made one in excel.  It was fairly easy if you are familar with the program:

Make a rectangle using the shapes option half the size you want your topper to be

Create an identical rectangle directly below it

In each box type what you want in and add any pictures, clip art, etc

Do the same in the second box

Flip/Rotate your wording and pictures so when you print and fold the paper in half it reads correctly

Before printing make sure you get rid of you shape outline or add a border if you like

Print and cut to desired size

Fold in half (I used a boning tool to get a sharp edge)


To attach I placed the topper over my bag and used a hole punch to create holes on each side of the bag and then secured each side with a brad.


Oh Shit Kit.JPG

Tools Used

White Cardstock

Home Printer

Paper Cutter

Boning Tool

Hole Punch


thank you for the info!!

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I made my on Powerpoint and then uploaded the image to Vistaprint. I borrowed MJKH's idea as it was wonderful!! When using Powerpoint you will create different text boxes and then you can rotate the one box so when you fold both sides are right side up. If you want I can send you my template when I get home from work.

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Originally Posted by LAtravelgirl View Post


Avery actually makes kits that include bags and toppers. I saw them at Staples this week and they are on sale!


Probably still more expensive than the DIY, but kits certainly make it easy! I have not checked on prices elsewhere.


I used these and they worked GREAT. I bought ours from walmart and they were abotu $10 for 20 packages. I LOVE how they turned out




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