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HELP! PLEASE!!! planning a beach wedding in Labadee, Haiti through Royal Caribbean 2013. Lots of ?'s

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   Matt & I are planning a 5 night cruise on the Liberty of the Sea, through RC to set sail March 11, 2013.  We are hoping for a beach wedding ceremony.  the ceremony will only be symbolic to avoid all the legal hoops.  We have started planning our day through the "Royal Romance" department w/RC.  The wedding coordinator in the department is "OK".  I have only had 2 requests. 1.) A beach location at the port of Labadee, Haiti. 2.) Chairs at the ceremony site.  Traditionally RC does vow renewal ceremonies at Dragon's beach lookout but, we are hoping for a beach/shoreside ceremony.  The coordinator will only tell me that she thinks they can find a beach location for the ceremony.  Also, that she will have to contact the site manager in Labadee to ask about the chairs.  BUT....she's not sure where to get the site manager's number or how to contact him so, she will only tell me that the answer right now is NO CHAIRS confused.gif Has anyone held a wedding ceremony in Labadee? How was your experience? Any advice on location or planning is welcome.

Thank you,

Lisa & Matt 2013 

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