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August 2013

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#61 Carlota1981

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  • Wedding Date:August 6, 2013
  • Wedding Location:Grand Palladium Riviera Maya
  • LocationBeach gazebo

Posted 11 July 2013 - 02:31 PM

Hello ladies!!



Katryne, I am crossing the fingers to have a very beautiful and sunny day!!! Last weeks I have been worried about the weather. I am getting married at a beach gazebo and do not want to have to change my beautiful location to an indoor salon because the rain!! 

Crossing the fingers!!



Jennifer! I have not started to pack yet. We are leaving on 28th of this month to Madrid, we are sleeping there and then from there we will take our direct flight to Cancun on 29th. We are arriving with this notice because of the legal wedding. 

I have just started to organize somethings. I am putting in a table that I have in a box room all the things that we need to bring with us but I do not need now: all my DIY projects, the sand and vase (sand ceremony), mosquitos repellent, some medicines, alcohol wipes (that guests will use for cleaning their fingers for our guestbook), the American adapter for the socket (we have different sockets in Spain), starfish and the white ribbon for the rings and a long etc!! 



It is incredible how fast the months has gone... We got engaged last August and we are alredy in July!!!

#62 Katryne

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    Posted 11 July 2013 - 04:52 PM

    Yeah I know Carlota I just looked at th weather today!! crossing fingers!!


    We leave on the 1st.  Haven't started to pack yet but made a list.  Still trying to finish up some stuff: one dress for my youngest, my garter, ribbon on my fans and my cd's.  fiou!! lol

    #63 Rpc51

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      Posted 13 July 2013 - 03:06 AM

      Thanks ladies . . . I am so excited to hurry up and get to Cancun that I actually started packing, lol. I finished one petal runner strip so now I just have one more to do plus a petal runner for the reception table. These are by far my biggest DIY projects. I need to get my dress steamed and belt sewed on, groom still hasn't gotten his suit, seating chart not done, welcome letters not done, vows not finished . . . the list goes on. 

      Originally Posted by Katryne 

      Rrpc51`- good for you!  I hope things go well and that you can concentrate on your wedding afterwards!


      Carlota - Seems that you're on a roll!!  We share our wedding date!


      I'm into the finicky stuff, little details here and there.  Hard to do with young kids but as soon as I get them to bed I go into bridal mode!  haha. These days I'm working on my dance mix.  I've got all the songs I want but I'm trying to get to play smoothly... hahaha feeling like a DJ! :)


      Originally Posted by jennifer8913 

      Hello August ladies!!! I can't believe how close we are!!! I agree, it is all the little details that stresses me out!!!

      Rrpc51' hoping you do well on your bar exam!!

      Carlota good for you for doing so many DIYs! I love doing them I wish I could have done more!


      Has everyone started to pack?

      #64 BellaWright

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        Posted 19 July 2013 - 09:44 AM

        Congrats to all the August brides!!


        My wedding is on August 3 at Moon Palace in Cancun! Do not feel ready at all!! Packing up things for OOT bags and favors this weekend to make sure we will have space for everything. I am super nervous!!! 


        Hoping packing some stuff will calm me down. Last fitting is next Wednesday and flying out the 30th!!! Feel like I need a master checklist as I pack so if anyone has one handy please send it along!

        #65 BellaWright

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          Posted 19 July 2013 - 09:45 AM

          Oh my! I have no idea how you can study for the bar and plan a wedding, kudos to you and good luck with The Exam!!!



          Originally Posted by Rpc51 

          I have so much left to do but I'm currently studying for the bar exam at the end of July so I have not been able to do anything . . . such a stressful time but can't wait for the wedding to get here.

          #66 Carlota1981

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          • Wedding Date:August 6, 2013
          • Wedding Location:Grand Palladium Riviera Maya
          • LocationBeach gazebo

          Posted 19 July 2013 - 12:18 PM

          Hi ladies!!!


          I feel reliefed that seems everybody here is making some last things yet. I am leaving Spain on 29th July and it is seems to me that I have important things to do alredy!! I am starting to stress a little bit.


          Yesterday I have finished with the card seats, but I have alredy to pack the starfishes that I am going to use for this with bubble wrap. I was warned by some locals that is better that I packed them at the luggage and not bring them with ourselves at the hand luggage. 


          I also has to start with the menus!!! This is what I am going to do.... And I know this is going to take me some hours... 



          And the most important: I have not alredy started with the music!!! Yes I know it is crazy!! 

          We have more or less the music for the party decided, but I have to put it at the ipod (we have decided not to hire a DJ). 

          And we have 3 songs for our ceremony. I have decided these:


          - For my entrance: Over the rainbow- version "The piano guys". 


          I wanted to have sth different from the original one, and thank godness I found this which I love. I love the fact is only instrumental. 

          I did not know this guys and I love their versions. This is the link to youtube: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=jzF_y039slk


          My made of honour is going to enter at minute 0.22 and I am going to do it at 0.44 after the "claps". I like the change here. 


          - For the sign of the documents and fingerproot:  Bob Marley with his song "Is this love". 

          Yes! It is love!! hahaha we love this. 


          - For our ceremony sand: we are not taking any song. I am Spanish so the ceremony will be in Spanish and my Fianc¨ is Italian. So I thought that it was beautiful to add sth in Italian to the wedding ceremony. We have written a text in Italian and the Thomas' aunt is going to read it. She has a beautiful voice and for me Italian is the most romantic language in the world!!


          - For the kiss and walk as wife and husband: Here it is the thing... I have still a lot of doubts. For one side, I would like to add something of Michael Buble as I adore him, but I have heard other song and now I do not know what to do!!




          - Michael Bubl©: It's a Beautiful day or Save the last dance for me

          - Colbie Caillat: I do


          I need your help!! Which one of this three songs you like the most? 

          #67 Rpc51

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            Posted 20 July 2013 - 03:14 PM

            Originally Posted by BellaWright 

            Oh my! I have no idea how you can study for the bar and plan a wedding, kudos to you and good luck with The Exam!!!



            I started planning early so the big stuff was done at the beginning of the year. Thank you for the well wishes:)

            #68 ucfjennifer

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            Posted 15 August 2013 - 04:04 PM

            I just wanted to stop by and say congrats to all of the August brides! :)

            #69 missde09

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              Posted 16 August 2013 - 09:08 AM

              Thanks! We fly out Wednesday and get married next Saturday! I can't believe it is practically here already!!!!!

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