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Hello BDW Brides!


I came across this site today as I was researching DW for the first time. I haven't given up the hope of finding a local wedding venue in St. Louis, MO, but this site definitely makes it very convincing to just go away. The resorts are all so beautiful!!! I'm an October 2013 bride and considering a DW because I'm beginning to feel the stress and pressure of looking for a nice, AFFORDABLE wedding venue. I look forward to talking to you!!





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Welcome to BDW!  I think a lot of us chose to have a destination wedding for reasons similar to the ones you are contemplating!  You can definitely have a fabulous local wedding but poke around a bit and maybe something will strike your fancy.
  Here are some links and tips that might make your time here on BDW more enjoyable.
If you have not done so, you may want to:
  • complete your profile (upload a photo, add profile details, etc.)
  • find the forum for your wedding destination and create a subscription to threads/members/vendors that you are interested in



Cabo Wedding Forum | Cabo Wedding Resort Reviews


Cancun/Riviera Maya Wedding Forum | Cancun/Riviera Maya Wedding Resort Reviews


Puerto Vallarta Wedding Forum | Puerto Vallarta Wedding Resort Reviews


Sandals Wedding Forum


Dominican Republic Wedding Forum | Dominican Republic Resort Reviews


Jamaica Wedding Forum | Jamaica Wedding Resort Reviews




Here are some links that may be helpful to you:

Here are some BDW members and staff you should follow:
  Moderators and Community Leaders

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Yes good luck finding that perfect venue at home or away!!! Even if your not having a destination wedding this site is still great for info and creative ideas for diy invites, decor, and all the little personal touches

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