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A Few Questions from a June 2, 2012 Bride

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Hi everyone,


This website has been so helpful in pulling together information for our wedding day (June 2--- it's so close!) and for gathering information about NOW Sapphire. I plan to write a complete post, from planning to the big day, when we return from NOW to help future brides.


In the meantime, I have some questions that remain unanswered. If anyone has any insight I'd appreciate your perspective!


1. Are the slats on the Tequila Terrace so large that heels will fall in? I noticed that some past brides commented they weren't planning to wear heels but am I really risking it if I do so?


2. Is there an overhang on the Tequila Terrace? I have a bunch of paper lanterns that I'd like to hang.


3. Did they charge you for EVERY little detail? We are bringing our own bows (we got them for just $.59/each), table runners, centerpieces, paper lanterns, candles, etc. Will they charge us to put all of this out?


4. We'd like to get our things back. Did any of you bring your own stuff and was everything returned to you?


5. I noticed that some brides commented that other wedding parties (namely if there was another wedding on the Beach Terrace) cut through the Tequila Terrace area. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I know there is another wedding on June 2.


6. Some brides at NOW Jade provided a "map" (so to speak) of how they wanted things laid out. Did any of you do this? Was it useful or do you feel that Ramon and the rest of the wedding team can execute things the way you wanted them without so much detail?


7. What do you WISH you'd done that you overlooked or didn't even know was an option?


Thank you so much for your help!


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