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I started off looking for wedding invitations that were beachy & classy at the same time. Looked at many images online & found some amazing ones that I loved but not at $20 an invitation before shipping to guests. So I decided to make some invitations of my own & this is what I came up with....



photo 5.jpg



From Michaels I bought:

  • Celebrate It Brand Invitation kit Ivory- 50 Invitations + 50 Response cards & Envelopes for both @ $24.99 (With 40% off coupon $14.99)
  • Pink Transparent paper- Regularly priced @ .59  although I got most of mine at .20 because they are always having paper sales
  • Martha Stewart Heart paper cutter- @ $14.99 (on sale)
  • Starfish- @ $3.99 (for 3) But ordered then in bulk & received a 20% discount 
  • Trinket Pins- @ $5.99 (for 15)
  • Celebrate It Brand Ribbon-  2 for $3.00 (got about 35 invitation wraps per ribbon spool) 
  • Bag of Basic seashells- $5.99 (about 20-25 per bag)



From Hobby Lobby I bought:

  • Burlap- @ $3.99 a yard (Got 10 invitation box wraps per yard)
  • Charms- @ $1.99 for 2 charms
  • Sand dollars- @ $4.99 (Got about 9 wraps out of 1 Box)



Personalized Wedding luggage tags- @ .71 for 140       www.weddingfavorsunlimited.com

White wedding shipping boxes- @ .98 per box via my local UPSstore

Brown Invitation boxes- @ .46 per box via my local UPSstore

Shipping tape for boxes- @ $7.00          www.tapeswell.com 


With shipping the invitation boxes come out to be under $10 each




bbhkb.jpgbhhb.jpgbhjbhjb.jpghbhbh.jpgjkjk.jpgjkokjh.jpgnbhjb.jpgphoto 1.jpgphoto 2.jpgphoto 4.jpg


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Wow!!! Well done!  I love all your little finishing touches, very beautiful and I'm sure your guests will love them!

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