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Our Welcome Bags! Everyone LOVED them :)

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They were shipped with no extra padding and just in white individual boxes (which could be decorated or wrapped really cute). All of them shipped without any damage. There were a 2 mugs that had little defects so I emailed the company and they sent new ones that were delivered in days. The original order was at my door only 3 days after I hit "purchase." Really good customer service with this company.


They were $56.99 for 24 mugs ($2.37 each) I thought this was a crazy good deal and with personalizing them with the stickers the mugs came to $2.87 each - way less than having to buy a minimum quantity of 50 or so from the other sites I checked out.  We only had 18 people in our group so 24 mugs was a good number without having to many extra.









Hi...for some reason i can't see the link to the mugs and i want them.

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