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Trying to narrow down our resort picks and i was wondering how much people spent for their weddings at moon palace? I would be departing from saskatoon so I know that the flights wont be exactly the same, but i would like to get an idea how much we are looking at per person for the guests and then how much the couple spent? we probably wouldnt want to much extra but i think that we would probably have to have a private reception.


Thanks any info would be great!



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Hi there Leigha,


Unfortunately, you're going to need to find someone who's getting married during the same dates and has a group about the same size as yours. The Canadian wholesalers make us submit quite a long list before they send us pricing, including dates of travel, number of people, the various gateways they are travelling from, which room category your guests will want to stay in, and room occupancy (single, double, triple, etc)


Dates are the key. Room rates can fluctuate the difference of $1000 over the year, depending on seasonality and occupancy.


Hope that helps!


Ginger at Blue Petal

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