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allieplask's planning thread... lots of info/pics

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Originally Posted by allieplask View Post

We designed our invitations 100% ourselves.  I have seen tons of boarding passes, passports, invitations in little folders (all are great ideas!) and was looking for something different.  Since we are having a destination wedding, we figured we could do something a little less formal and have a little more fun with it.  We chose a "z-fold."  This means it's a tri-fold in heavy cardstock and it opens like the letter "z."  When opening the invitation, you see the front back and the rest folds out accordion style behind it.


Invitations were important for us - we already send STD's and a few emails about booking travel - but we wanted our older family members who are not email/tech-savvy to have an actual invitation with all the travel information.  With that said, we also wanted to highlight some things that hadn't previously been mentioned (ex. events we were planning, other things to do and when to RSVP) so people who had gotten the emails would also get something out of receiving an invitation.


The front page of the invitation basically re-told people what they already knew - the resort name, the wedding date, etc.








Here is the whole thing:





As designers, we knew we couldn't leave the back of the invitation plain white.. but we also didn't have any extra information for our guests.  We found some information on the Visit Jamaica website about how Jamaican's speak and decided to use that.  If someone takes the time to read the back, it makes sense and gives them some information about Jamaica, the people, etc.  It also added a nice pop of color being the same teal color used on the front.









Finally, we didn't want to hand write the front of the envelopes.  We figured labels were SO much easier especially because we also plan to mail out luggage tags, packing lists, etc.  We figured using the labels would also use to just continue to have them re-printed every time we needed them (we used uprinting.com for the invitations and a local printer for the labels).  We took the inside design from the invitations and continued that on the label so everything is cohesive.


Here is my FIL's invitation (it's a little wrinkly and creased from being passed around at his office hahah).  Also, when mailing out invitations, make sure you ask the post office to hand stamp each one!  It looks SO MUCH nicer.




Wow. These are AMAZING!! 

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