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Just engaged! Thinking Sandals Antigua - Thoughts and help please :)

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Hi everyone.  Me and my gorgeous fiance are looking at the Sandals Antigua for a wedding in summer of 2013 and I wanted to hear any experiences or feedback from people "in the know" :)


My assumption is that I could host the wedding there for under $10,000 (NOT including the cost of room and travel).  Would this be accurate?  We would want photos and a video taken along with a few addons I'm sure.  But won't require all the high ends addons.


In terms of making a reservation and booking, is this complicated?  How much of a deposit is usually required and when would guests need to make a deposit?


Lastly, any comments on weddings at Sandals would be great.  One thing I want is to not feel rushed.  I know they have several weddings daily, but I still want her to feel like the beautiful bride she will be and to feel like the day is all about her.


Thanks everyone!

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