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    Posted 24 April 2012 - 12:21 PM


    February 20, 2012


    One of the projects I knew I couldn’t wait to tackle was the wedding website. I knew I wanted one for a long time but it was one of those projects I couldn’t start early. I had experience with creating free websites using 

    She had a wonderfully, sweet parents page with messages from each of them

    Amazing hand drawn maps…

    And even a page dedicated to helping guests select their wedding wardrobe

    It was so detailed and the best part was the way it made you excited for this event. I showed my mother and she too wanted to go to this wedding. Side note: I’ve also jacked another wedding project I found on she posted on Weddingbee, which you’ll see soon. I worked for almost two weeks building this site, bit by bit with the goal of finishing it so I could send the save the dates out. (I had printed the site on the postcards and I didn’t want family and friends seeing my half done project!)  It took some time to figure out how get the header the right size and to add the background. I got a free one from 

    Anyway, I used it to create buttons for links to my various pages.  

     Getting the format down took quite a bit of time and I almost quit a few times. Once I had the pages and links setup I began adding the details to the pages. For the wedding in the Bahamas I offered guest the option of flying there or cruising there for their convenience. This way they could take off as much time as they wanted from work and they also did not need a passport if they were cruising. Once I got all the information I needed from the travel agent I added the travel details.

    Screen Shot of the “Cruise There” page

    Then I worked on adding “Our Story”. This took quite a bit of time to type it all and add the pictures, I really wish I had started this sooner. Ra started to read it and decided it was way too long and lost interest. I thought about editing it but some female opinions I got were that they liked the details, so I left it be. I wanted to add Ra’s version but he was too busy (or lazy) to type it so that has yet to happen. I also started the “Our Parents” page and I felt bad there’s only pictures of my side because he’s too busy (or lazy) to take pictures of them. I asked my mother for the message like the other website but decided against it since it would be half done.

    You might be wondering if my website is blah blah blah.weebly.com like all the free sites. Actually I have a .info just like the bride I admired. I contacted her because I was curious how she could do this using a weddingwire template and she was so kind to respond and help me out. She told me to go to godaddy.com and purchase a .info domain because it was much cheaper than a .com. I think I paid a whopping $2.11 for the year.  It took an afternoon of frustration and me humbling myself and calling customer service to ask for help for me to learn a little bit about masking. I say little bit because all I know is that’s what it’s called. The customer service was amazing, the gentleman was so helpful and chatted with me about my wedding and in no time we were done. It took a few hours for it to work and by that evening we had a wedding website!

    Screen shot of the homepage (one day I will figure out how to make the linen background go all the way to the bottom)

    Reason number #27 of how I impressed Ra while wedding planning was when he saw the site. I have continued to bug him to help me out by writing his version of the proposal or how we met, or even give me pictures of his parents so mine don’t look lonely but that’s asking a lot from such a busy man. Maybe one day. It does make me proud when people tell me they visited my site and I plan to continue to add more information (you know, when I have time). I watched a YouTube tutorial about adding music but I haven’t figured that out yet. I also can’t figure out how to get a visitors counter on there so today I added a guestbook so they will hopefully leave  a message they stopped by.

    Do you think wedding websites are tacky and overdone? Does your groom help you with medial wedding tasks?

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      Posted 24 April 2012 - 12:23 PM

      I Have No Friends

      February 22, 2012


      I’ve read about brides frustrations of not getting the RSVPS they were expecting and now I’m joining the club.  It’s been a few weeks since the save the dates were mailed out and I’m not getting the warm, excited responses I was expecting. I know I was late getting them out with all the hiccups, but come on guys!

      Image Source

      I did recieve a phone call and a text from two couples who said they’re thinking about it, but no sweet RSVP postcard. My mother received a couple phone calls from people wanting to know if I was getting married (because I guess the STD dosn’t make that clear) but no fun RSVP postcard. I keep getting tons of questions about how much it will cost and passports and cruise ships and I keep directing people to the website and the passport I spend so much time creating but no adorable RSVP postcards.

      I spent so much time, energy, emotion, and money into making something really special and all I want is a little appreciation. I even put stamps on them, after my mom convinced me that I shouldn’t try to save the money since no one will have a postcard stamp lying around. I realize there are more important things going on in the world but it leaves me feeling like I have no friends. Ok, the pity party will come to an end now.

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        Posted 24 April 2012 - 12:26 PM

        I Don't Do Dishes

        February 25, 2012


        It’s true that I don’t do dishes. If I’m visiting in your home I will but at home I try to avoid using them if I know I have to clean them. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE dishes. I love them so much I refused to have one set, I just buy two or four of each of the patterns I like so I can have as many as I want. I’m usually told I’m weird for that. A boyfriend once told me he couldn’t wait for me to register for my wedding so I could get matching dishes. No one gets I want it like that for a reason! I love the collected look. I don’t have matching furniture in my home either, I’m just not a matchy-matchy girl.  When I learned there was a trend in vintage wedding to have an assortment of dishes I went gaga!


         18 dessert plates (Personal Image)


        23 dinner plates (Personal Image)

         When my mother saw the plates stacked in my car (I don’t like to get plastic bags) she asked what was I doing. I tried explaining and she responded “How are we going to get them to Bahamas?” You might be wondering that as well. I’m not that crazy, I had plans to use them for my Virginia Beach reception. For the Bahamas reception I had something different planned.

        Did you want something for your wedding before you knew it was a trend?

        #34 dominiqueamber

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          Posted 24 April 2012 - 12:28 PM

          Stick a Fork in it! 

          February 27, 2012


          Although I had fallen in love with the idea of mis-matched china for my reception I had fallen in love with something else before than. I have Mrs. Poodle, who inspired me to put my touch on everything in the wedding, to thank for my first tableware love.

           They’re natural and rustic, they’re green, they’re affordable. They’re perfect! / 


          Party City had an option made from sugar cane fiber /

          I found bowls made with tapioca fibers / 

          I also found bowls made with tree-free biodegradable bamboo fiber  / 

          I fell in love with these pressed bamboo leaf bowls / Image via Amazon

          I think I’ll probably order those bowls because of the size, look and price. I think at $39.00 for 100 they’re a pretty good value. I got a nice surprise earlier this week. I received an email that said the woodware was available again. I hurried and ordered them because I feared at that price they would sell out quickly. They offer less expensive shipping if you have your package delivered to a business address so I used my mother’s address and waited patiently. She called this afternoon to tell me my package arrived and I can’t wait to go get it!

          The question now is do I add to my never-ending DIY list and stamp them? And if I stamp them, what should I stamp them with? It’s better in The Bahamas? A conch shell? RaLove? Have you ever eaten off biodegradable table ware? How did you like it?

          #35 shanloveslexi

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            Posted 24 April 2012 - 12:33 PM

            Great job putting everything together! I'm sure you'll get some of your cute RSVP cards soon enough! ;)

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              Posted 24 April 2012 - 12:38 PM

              They like me, They really like me!

              February 29, 2012


              No sooner than I had complained about not getting any RSVP responses did I get a nice surprise in the mail.

              Nope not this. I wish (Personal Photo)

              It would be nice but this picture of my mom’s best friend was taken because she came over while they were being assembled.  I did go home the other night to find three rsvp postcards in the mail. Yay! One from my favorite great aunt who has called my mother, grandmother and I about what the wedding arrangments will be every few days for the last few weeks. I knew she was coming! Another was from a family friend declining, but she wrote a sweet message.

              (Personal Image)

              The last had every detail filled out perfectly. It was from family friends who would like to come if the finances are in order. I loved the sweet message from them. Then a few days went by and nothing else came. After a while I recieved one more from family friends telling me they were coming and bring another couple along.

              (Personal Image)

              I called my mom because I wanted to know if that meant I had to invite them to the wedding as well. She said yes they’ll take someone else’s place so now there are two strangers on the guest list. (Do they get an OOT bag too?)


              Then I recieved another that was colored in so pretty! (Personal Photo)

              (Personal Photo)

              After I made a phone call to my old best friend, I recieved her’s in the mail. I’m glad they had fun with it. That was the goal. So far of the 100 that went out, 6 rsvp cards came back. Lesson learned, the interactive part was a bit much for people, half of them didn’t fill it all out and I think it’s because it was too confusing for the older crowd. If you attempt something like this, you may want to print two versions.

              This morning I recieved a phone call from my mom telling me 5 people had booked their cruise for the wedding last week. They didn’t think to RSVP or call me? I’m not complaining, they’re coming. And this brings us to moment number two where I feel “this just got real” I knew I had people that loved me I just wanted an overwhelming flood of rsvps in my mailbox. I started calling other family and friends and got their maybe’s and compliments on my STD’s. It feels good to be loved.

              Did you get fustrated waiting for RSVP’s?

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                Posted 24 April 2012 - 12:39 PM


                Originally Posted by shanloveslexi 

                Great job putting everything together! I'm sure you'll get some of your cute RSVP cards soon enough! ;)


                Thanks, I've kinda given up. I asked about them and most people said they were thinking about it, even though I put a maybe on there! I'm able to plan with a  guesstimate and if I could go back I would not do the mad lib there, I would put another one on the back because it was too confusing.

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                  Posted 24 April 2012 - 12:41 PM

                  I'll Drink To That!

                  March 2, 2012


                  Well I’ve told you my plans for 

                  The insulated plastic cups with straws are very popular. But expensive / 

                  Aluminum water bottles would be much better than offering plastic. But expensive / 

                  Glass swing top bottles would be even better than aluminum, but I don’t want to wrap all that glass. Plus they’re expensive. /

                  I found these biodegradable plastic alternative cups made from corn ($15.50 for 100) 

                  I fell in love with these letter cups. How cool would it be to have the first letter of your name? But then I wouldn’t have enough letters for that. / 

                    Because I’ve been using a lot of kraft paper in my stationary I thought that would be the perfect look, and we could use sharpies to mark them. / 

                  It would be such fun to drink sweet tea and lemonade from these outside / 

                  Mason Jars mugs haven’t been overdone yet / 

                  At $12.99 for 12 they’re not too bad but not exactly my style / Source

                  Then I found this image of a plastic milk bottle. I loved that look but really didn’t want plastic. /


                  They’re actually sauce bottles / 

                  $80 for 30 and they were real vintage / 

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                    Posted 24 April 2012 - 12:43 PM

                    Dressy Drinks

                    March 3, 2012


                    So I’ve gotten really excited about collecting the Starbucks Frappuccino bottles for drinking glasses. (I decided to use them to make coffee ice cream) Turns out many in the DIY world love them too.

                    I could etch them / 

                    I would love to sugar the rims / 

                    Paper Striped Straws / 

                    I’m always looking for ways to incorporate kraft paper / 

                    Mrs. Sweet Cream makes it look so easy / 

                    I don’t think you can have enough hearts at a wedding / 

                    Sometimes you need to just stop looking. They’re $16 for 100 / 

                    So pretty!/ I love that they bring in the beachy elements/ 

                    So easy to do and I love the nautical look/ (Personal Photo)

                    Through trial and error I learned it was best to line up the edges first (Personal Photo)

                    Then slide the stick in the middle and press it together (Personal Photo)

                    This project is practically free and so easy since no adhesive is involved!

                    I tried moving the flag down to see if I liked it, I didn’t. (Personal Photo)

                      (Personal Photo)

                    Since I’m trying to incorporate a lot of keys I used that for one and a conch for the other. I was so worried if the quote would fit on one side but it worked out wonderfully. I made a bunch before I realized they would be too short for any cup I planned to use. I ordered 

                    (Personal Photo)

                    Did you add any unneccessary DIY projects to your list because you saw them online?

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                      Posted 24 April 2012 - 12:46 PM

                      Be Our Guest

                      March 6, 2012


                      10 Points if you get the Disney reference!


                      The guests at your wedding are very important because they help make the memories. You’ll always want to remember who was there to witness and celebrate your marriage. When the memories start to fade it’s nice to be able to pull out the guest book and remind yourself of who was there to support you that day. I’ve always loved the idea of a guest book and I even started a guest book of people what have visited my house. One of the childhood wedding plans I had early on was more than just a list of cursive names in a book that was hard to read. I didn’t know what though. I’m not sure when it became popular but as soon as I learned about a wish jar I knew I wanted one.

                      Image via 

                      Image via 

                      Image via 

                       Image via 

                      Image via 

                      Image via Creating Really Awesome Free Things

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