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HELP! Puerto Rico photographers????

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Morning KMiller. 

In order to help, I'll need a little more information.


Are you looking for a local photographer or a photographer to fly into Puerto Rico?


What price range are you looking for (this, sadly, is very important in narrowing down the search!)?


What kind of products are you looking for?  Do you want a disc of edited images, canvas, prints, album?


What kind of coverage do you want?  A few hours, full day, trash the dress, engagement session a few days before?  All of the above? 

Everyone is different.  I can tell you that with my prices, based on travel prices of August 2012, I would be about $2750 total to have for full day coverage of your wedding and all the images edited on a disc with printing rights.

But then you can probably find a newer photographer with less experience for only a couple of ours of photographer for $1500. 


It's really up to all the questions I have listed above.  I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any questions or would like further insight.


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I am a Puerto Rico bride from NYC and we are hiring David Medina to do our wedding photos. Please do your research and don't just hire anyone. Your photos are your memories. When is your wedding? Did you hire a planner? All the best to you and your future hubby!

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