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Barcelo Punta Cana vs Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe

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Hi All,


I didn't want to hijack the other thread for Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe so I thought I'd start my own thread.  Thanks for your help Oct 2012 bride and trivera5521 :)


So the reason we were choosing to go with BPC was basically a price factor.  Now that I'm looking at the site for the BBPD....OMG!  It is absolutely gorgeous and I may be sold on it.  The only reservation I'm having is what you are talking about now with booking the reception area.  That seems a little weird to me but I'm still not commited to anything yet.


Anyway, I'm thinking that the BPC is not going to work at all.  I'm going on all the different vacation sites and I can't find that hotel listed in any of them.  I can go onto the trip advisor site and find that hotel - and I can do a mock vacation but it doesn't give me flights.  I'm not sure why it won't come up on any of those travel sites though and that gives me major pause. 


Back to square one.  I just want something booked so I can send out my invitations!!!!!!!!!

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Hmmm I am surprised you cant seem to find BPC on any travel sites. When I was doing my price comparisons I was able to find it and I found that BPC was cheaper than BBPD but honestly not by much. And when you factor in what you get at BBPD it's worth the difference in price. Just a suggestion you can call a local travel agent and they can give you pricing. I also did this to finalize my quotes. This will be a more "in your face" estimate. The reviews for BPC werent that great either but because it was soo affordable I still added it to my list of potentials. Like I said, once I saw BPC it was much too outdated and the grounds were not well maintained. If you look at a map BPC is located at the top of the strip, I found it to be sooo much windier here than at the other resorts not sure if it was because of the location or not. Which isnt a big deal and absolutely out of our control but with a beach ceremony it was a concern. Another thing I wasnt crazy about was the area it was located in. You have to travel through a not great area to get there, and its not a pretty drive. Kinda felt like our guest would have been like WTF, where are they taking us LOL?!


The reception issue at BBPD is definateley an issue and I will be sure to update the other thread as soon as I hear back from the WC. Of course her claim to fame is that it just a possibility...either way I am not trying to hear that. Will keep you posted.

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