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Advice on Wedding Day timeline at SRB & NOW

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So after being in contact with Silvia my Wedding Coordinator (FYI all the brides that are freaking out because there is no response and your wedding is months away...I know I was there...however as of right now I am 31 days out from the wedding and I get responses almost in the same day and even unprovoked emails) I decided that it would be awesome to do our private dinner at the Eclipse night club - however that is only open until 9P for private events since it opens as a night club at 10:30 - 


Our ceremony starts a 5P do you think it would be too much to go to the cocktail hour from 5:30/5:45ish-6:30/6:45ish and dinner from 7P-9P. I am not super concerned with all of the extras - garter toss, dancing, etc...maybe we just do a first dance, cut the cake, and do speeches - we can always go to another bar at one of the resorts and come back at 10:30 if we wish...


If not there is an option of having the ceremony at 2P - however we have someone flying down that day 


the original plan was to have it a the relaxation pool but I like how Eclipse would be a bit more private


what are your thoughts!!

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