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Cabos San Lucas - Legal documents needed to wed

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Can anyone provide information about the documents that are needed to be wed in Cabo?  I am getting married July 5th at the RIU Palace Cabos San Lucas and have only 3 short months left to get everything together!  The process seems a bit confusing and each website I find explains it in a different way! 


Also, this is a 2nd wedding so wondering about both birth certificate and divorce paperwork.



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Mexico Marriage Requirements:

• Valid passports

• Tourist card (receive upon arrival at Airport)

• Must be in Mexico four business days prior to wedding
  (weekends and holidays not recognized in Mexico do not

• Blood test must be taken in Mexico

• Birth certificate that is Apostilled

I would bring your divorce paperwork as well.


Happy Planning!


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Couples must complete an application form, obtained in Mexico at the Registry Office. They must also have results of a blood test (done in Mexico within 15 days) and have their tourist cards, originals and copies of their birth certificates, and their passports. Two witnesses over 18 with identification are required for the ceremony.


Just thought I'd add that last part in.




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