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My DIY Passport & Palm Tree Thumbprint Guest Book - Done!

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Thank you so much for posting!! I contacted Tobie for a print.  Hoping he can do a digital file as we are looking at canvas. I love the idea of framing them all together!

Originally Posted by Julietisurs View Post

Hi Ladies,


We are having three receptions and I thought it would be ridiculous to buy a guest book for each reception.

I made this Passport guest book on www.mixbook.com to hitting them all.

It will be traveling to Mexico, California and then Illinois for a collection of love notes from our guests.


Here is my DIY Passport Guest Book Cover .... julie passport 3 high res[1].JPG




For a keepsake I could see everyday, I thought of the Thumbprint Guest Books. A palm tree one...how fitting is that?!I got this from Etsy. I plan to have one at the other receptions too. When all is said and done we're going to frame all 3 together.


Here is Mexico's....

Guestbook Final.jpg


What do y'all think???



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